Barcelona Private Walking Tours!

Privately guided tours for a normal price!

Always wanted to go with a guide trough the city but you want to avoid big groups? TomatoAndBread offers the solution! With TomatoAndBread you can pick any tour and you and your family or friends will be the only people on the tour! Come join us now and discover Barcelona in it's most beautiful form with a real private guide!

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Barcelona by bike

To make sure you see everything!

A bicycle tour trough Barcelona is recommended for anyone who wants to see more than the old city centre of Barcelona. Cycle trough the streets along some of the most famous sights which you otherwise won't quickly find or which are simply to far away. The city of Barcelona is very compact and flat and therefore very easy to get around on a bicycle! We'll make sure the private guide will take you to the sights that matter!

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Barcelona for kids!

Walking tours with kids

We learned from experience that the Ruta Centro tour is very interesting for kids. Also doing a bicycle tour is the perfect way for a family to see the city! Our tours do definitely not consist out of dry boring information, our tours are an interesting mix of beautiful sights and really interesting information. Join us with a local guide who keeps in mind what's interesting for you and your kids!

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